Our Second Kickstarter


Last year, Jeremy and I used Kickstarter to fund an anthology that we really wanted to make, called That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley. It turned out really well, and has been quite popular with readers!

This year, we’re doing another Kickstarter, this time to fund an anthology called Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse.

Selfies Art plus text

We’ve got a number of reward tiers where you can get the book, but for fans of Scary White Girl Designs, the upper tiers may be of particular interest. A $50 pledge gets you a random Decapitated Dollie (along with the ebook and a signed copy of the book), and a $60 pledge gets you a custom Decapitated Dollie (plus the ebook and a signed copy of the book). At the moment, this is the ONLY way to get Decapitated Dollies, as I don’t currently have them in my Etsy shop!

There are only two custom slots left at the time of this writing, so if you’ve always wanted yourself (or someone else) immortalized as the head of a doll, now is the time to pledge!


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