Our Second Kickstarter


Last year, Jeremy and I used Kickstarter to fund an anthology that we really wanted to make, called That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley. It turned out really well, and has been quite popular with readers!

This year, we’re doing another Kickstarter, this time to fund an anthology called Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse.

Selfies Art plus text

We’ve got a number of reward tiers where you can get the book, but for fans of Scary White Girl Designs, the upper tiers may be of particular interest. A $50 pledge gets you a random Decapitated Dollie (along with the ebook and a signed copy of the book), and a $60 pledge gets you a custom Decapitated Dollie (plus the ebook and a signed copy of the book). At the moment, this is the ONLY way to get Decapitated Dollies, as I don’t currently have them in my Etsy shop!

There are only two custom slots left at the time of this writing, so if you’ve always wanted yourself (or someone else) immortalized as the head of a doll, now is the time to pledge!


Keeping your fingers warm


I spent a good chunk of yesterday photographing and editing the photos for a bunch of stuff for my shop. It was all roses (which I’ve been making in droves) and wrist warmers (which I’ve needed to restock for a while). I was really pleased that I got all of the photographs I needed, that they all turned out good (yay, new camera!), and that I got ALL of them edited in a single day! That’s a big accomplishment!

I really love the wrist warmers I make because they do a surprisingly good job of keeping even your fingers warm, despite not covering your fingers. I don’t know the science behind it, but I do know that it works. My office is in an old building, with odd notions of “climate control.” I sit at the front desk, which doesn’t have its own radiator, but rather relies on the heat from the smaller offices to keep it warm. And when the air conditioner kicks on, it ends up blowing on me. So I keep a pair of wrist warmers in my desk drawer, to pull on when I can no longer feel my fingers from the cold. They work like a charm!

The wrist warmers I make are from all synthetic materials, so no worries about wool allergies. They can be worn loose at the wrist, or buttoned up (with matching or contrasting buttons, depending on the pair) to keep them snug around your wrist. Super cute!

Warm and cozy


Strawberry-Vanilla Swirl Crocheted Ice Cream Cozy

Strawberry-Vanilla Swirl Crocheted Ice Cream Cozy

I saw a surge in sales in my Etsy shop last week, and when I stopped to look at what was selling, I noticed it was cozies–cozies for mugs, and cozies for ice cream! I think it’s just the right time of year for that sort of thing–people want to curl up with a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cider, or they want to have some ice cream without freezing their hands off.

My ice cream cozies were born out of personal necessity, because wrapping a paper towel or kitchen towel around a pint of ice cream isn’t the most convenient solution. But an ice cream cozy that fits snuggly around the container works great. It helps keep your hand warm, and helps insulate the ice cream as well!

The first coffee cozies I made, designed to fit a take-out cup of coffee, were a request from a friend who hated the waste of those little cardboard sleeves that they put on your coffee cup. So I traced a cardboard sleeve and then crocheted one that was the same size, down to the angle that matches the angle of every size of take-out coffee cup I’ve encountered. No matter what size coffee you like to buy at the coffee shop, these small coffee cozies should fit your take-out cup!

When I started making the mug coffee cozies, it was because I kept taking a sip of my tea, only to discover that the poor climate control in my office had already chilled it to the point where it wasn’t the warm beverage I was hoping for. Though heat still escapes from the top of my mug, the mug coffee cozies help my tea stay warmer for at least a little while. The mug cozies can also fit on a take-out coffee cup, though they’re not as snug as the other ones.

All three of these styles are in my Etsy shop year round, and I’ve even got coffee cozies in both styles with small pockets, where you can store a gift card, a punch card for frequent customers, or a tea bag!