End of the Work Week Wisdom


So if you have been on the internet recently, you may have seen that the house the inspired Jane Austen to write the character of Mister Darcy is for sale. For a mere 8 million GBP. No big deal.

Hubbie is a huge Pride and Prejudice fan. He’s gotten me to at least watch the movies. The book drives me slightly mad, and I have never managed to finish it. (Dialogue attribution is important, kiddies.) But we have a couple of P&P callouts in our life, and we both love Mister Darcy.

So after a brief conversation about how the pound is doing in comparison to the dollar (and me having the whole thing backwards), this ensued:

me:  Damn. I thought we could get a steal on Mr. Darcy’s house. 🙂
Jeremy:  “It might only cost six million!”
me:  We will have to pay in 8 million pounds of kitten floof, then.
Jeremy:  That is well within our budget.
me:  P-cat alone has a gross national output of, I dunno, a billion?
Jeremy:  Seems legit.

And all because I told one of the other cats this morning that I needed him to find me 8 million pounds, to which Hubbie, in that cat’s voice, said “8 million pounds of what?”

(And yes, all of our cats have voices. That we use when we are pretending that they are responding to things that we say to them. Doesn’t everyone do that? 🙂 )